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Go Green with FixoBoard

Fire Retardant

Termite & Pest proof ❁ Moisture, Weather, Ageing & Water Resistant ❁ No Swelling & Shrinking

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Performance oriented

Low Maintenance ❁ Polished intricately ❁ Smooth surface ❁ Corrosion free

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Durable & Strong

Washable ❀ Easy to install ❀ Dimensional accuracy ❀ Excellent finishing

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Go Green with FixoBoard

Vijay Plywood & Hardware

We are manufacturer and supplier of WPC Boards using industry standard with precision dimension & durability. We have a wide range of WPC & PVC Boards and for different applications from interior to exterior applications.

FixoBoard Benefits

WPC Applications

VijayPly's FixoBoard

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FixoBoard Benefits

Why FixoBoard WPC?

WPC is Environmental

The Environmental pressure on industry in terms of recycling and sustainability are growing daily.

Increase the efficiency

In WPC sawdust is Used which increases efficiency of wood usage compared to traditional wood processing.

High Dimensional tolerance

WPC have Good Mechanical Properties, High Dimensional Stability. They are tough, stable and can be extruded to High Dimensional tolerance.

WPC are recyclable

Can be reground and reused after their service life. WPC require less maintenance than the alternatives of solid wood.

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